Developing Leaders - Impacting Organizations

Managers typically underestimate the positive impact they can have upon those they lead and the resulting gains in organizational performance. They are often unsure of how to improve their leadership skill-set; where to begin, on what to focus and how to balance their development with the reality of busy work expectations.

Increasing Leadership Impact

Supporting managers who desire to improve their leadership influence and organizational impact through a series of manageable, curriculum-based, one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on three leadership platforms:

  • Foundations of Leadership - Understand the most effective methods for dealing with differing personalities, experiences, and goals found within a group.
  • Science of Leadership - Incorporate the key theories and time-tested models of effective and impactful leadership.
  • Art of Leadership - Create a work environment where individuals and groups maximize their effort, effectiveness, and contributions.

The Value of One-on-One Coaching

Facilitated one-on-one coaching is an individualized, practical, sustainable and effective alternative to traditional leadership development courses and seminars:

  • Individualized - curriculum content is adjusted to emphasize the specific needs of the participant; not off-the-shelf classroom content.
  • Practical - the focus is on real-life, real-time aspects of the leadership role.
  • Sustainable - a series of monthly one-on-one sessions maximize a learning, practice and retention cycle that is optimal for adult learning.
  • Effective - sessions fit perfectly into the busy work schedule and organizational demands of the participant.


John Wirch has the wide-ranging career experiences, formal business education and credibility to provide the foundational insights and impactful teaching necessary to facilitate meaningful leadership development.

He has over 25 years of executive level experience gained in $1B to mid-sized, public and private, manufacturing and service organizations. He has formal education consisting of Business and MBA degrees and executive training at both Harvard Business School and Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. John Wirch is uniquely positioned to come alongside others and support their leadership development goals because he:

  • Understands the real-life, real-challenges of leadership.
  • Benefits from personal and in-depth experience with a wide range of successful and impactful executives and leaders.
  • Draws upon his experience in coaching and counseling 1OOs of executives, senior and mid-level managers and frontĀ­-line supervision.